Yoga, Pranayma and Meditation

I believe Yoga (Asanas) to be one of the moving medicines, a never ending exploration through connection to self, using movement and breath, where the focus is not on the end goal, achievement or posture, but more so on embracing where you are in the journey and bearing witness to the insightful nuggets you receive from the powerful wisdom of the body.

My classes are approached in a light hearted, playful and friendly manner, aiming to inspire, support and encourage students to challenge themselves spiritually and physically.  To creative strength and flexibility in the body, to move stagnant energy, whilst cultivating emotional awareness and enabling resilience and peacefulness in the mind. Classes are usually accompanied by music and may include poems/readings, mantra and themes/intentions and include cues, modifications and hands-on adjustment (where in person).  Below are the “types” of Yoga I teach and infuse in my classes;

Vinyasa (In-person/Online)

Vinyasa Flow is a series of postures (asanas) that move with the breath (prana) to produce a “flow” from one posture to the next, stretching out the body whilst quieting the mind. Creating a dynamic dance and moving meditation.  Beginners are welcome, although, the pace and speed of class will vary.  Each posture can still lead to the next, however, students may need time inbetween to take more than one breath, creating a slower flow.

Hatha (In-person/Online)

Hatha is the original form of physical yoga asanas.  The styles we practice today all stem from Hatha.  Hatha is a slower-paced class that involves the practice of postures (asanas) and breath (prana) followed by relaxation (savasana) and finishing in meditation/mantra.

Yin (In-person/Online)

Yin is a passive style of yoga.  There are fewer postures (asanas) as each is held for three  minutes or longer.  The asanas (poses) are predominantly floor based.  The aim is to increase flexibility, relax the muscles and work with the deep connective tissues and meridiens to release blockages and prompt energy flow.

Restorative (In-person/Online)

Restorative is a deeply nourishing style of yoga where props are used to support the body in postures (asanas). As with Yin the asanas (poses) are held for a long period of time and focus is on deep relaxation, an inward practice and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Yin & Yang (In-person/Online)

These classes are split with half of the class focused on Yang (Vinyasa) style practice and the other half Yin style or the other way around depending what is needed.

Please see above descriptions of Vinyasa and Yin style classes.

Yin – Feminie, passive, introspection, stable, unmoving, tendons, ligaments, fascia, cooling, downward

Yang – Mascline, active, outward, moving, strength, stamina, internal heat, muscles, blood flow, external, upward 

Beginners Yoga (In person/Online)

These classes offer a  simple breakdown of some key asanas (postures), to get the student started and experiencing the benefits of this ancient disciple. No pressure on speed of class or structure.  The aim is to work together to create an enjoyable introduction at the students own pace. Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation can also be included.

Bridal/Hen Yoga Class & Meditation (In-person/Online)

These classes can be of any Yoga style mentioned above followed by a deep relaxation and guided meditation.  Aimed to reduce stress, tension, promote a sense of positive wellbeing and help to empower the bride with calm confidence for her big day.  A great way to set an intention for the wedding and marriage.

Yoga Nidra (In-person/Online)

Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) is a guided practice to create deep relaxation in a conscious state  between waking (alpha) and sleeping (theta).  It is practiced laying down and with no physical movement . Various instructions are given such as scanning the body, breathing, and setting an intention.  This practice can benefit those that  find it a challenge to relax or have very active minds.

Meditation (In-person/Online)

Whether you are new to meditation or looking to learn some new techniques these sessions can benefit you. The sessions can include Yogic teachings of meditation (discussing the benefits, sitting postures (asanas), pranayama (breathing techniques), mantras (sacred sounds),  hand mudras (gestures/energy locks), and yantras (visual representation of deity in geometric form) or include the use of tools such as guided visualisations. Sessions can be focused on various intentions, here are some examples;

  • Chakras
  • Inner child
  • Letting go
  • Manifesting/Wombifesting
  • Protection
  • Connecting with guides/High Self
  • Relaxation
  • Clarity
  • Self Love
  • Forgiveness

Bespoke Private or Group Sessions (In-person/Online)

These can be tailored to suit all levels of experience and fitness: a dynamic flowing vinyasa or a slower-paced sequence with postures held (please see style descriptions above),  I can work intuitively and incorporate Reiki and/or Thai Yoga Massage.

Each class or practice is unique. My teaching style considers factors such as time of day, time of year, day in cycle (menstruating women), time of life, and the current emotional, mental and physical health of the student/s. 

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