Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than fear, everything shifts” - Bessel A. van der Kolk
A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so you that you may heal yourself.

Welcome to Little Banyan Yoga

I am Jo, founder, teacher and facilitator of self-healing at Little Banyan Yoga. Also the co-founder of Dancing Yogini’s. As well as being a yoga, pranayama and meditation teacher, I am a retreat and workshops host, massage therapist and reiki master.

My Services

What Do I offer

My Divine Mission and Intention

To live in alignment with my life purpose using my gifts to empower others to their infinite power, to the remembering of who they are and their capacity to self heal (evolve).  To share my guidance, knowledge and trainings in an all encompassing holistic approach, that factors all aspects of being– physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  These tools have been a vital part of my own story thus far.

Following no religion or strict lineage I infuse and weave many practices and inspirations into my life and offerings with a deep connection to divine spirit and my guides. I am a strong believer in intention and ritual and they are very much a part of my daily life. Because I work in this way, a safe, confidential and sacred container is created with each session being tailored to suit the individual needs of each person. Everything is invited and welcome to be evoked, stirred and released, from fears, laughter, playfulness and vulnerability. A space free to truly feel. As we feel, we heal! My aim is to intuitively support you in the most authentic way.

How may I help you?

Clients come to me for help with trauma; grief; inner child connection; health and vitality; balance and harmony; alignment of chakras and energy flows; reprogramming; the embodiment of the higher self; purification; detoxing; beliefs; fear and vulnerability; pain; heartache; abuse, and to destress – the list is endless. I receive so much satisfaction and joy from knowing that I am helping others, whether it’s improving their self-awareness, working on a physical problem such as back pain or guiding them towards more love and pleasure.

Where can you find me?

Most of the time, I am based on the beautiful Balearic island of Ibiza, working with both residents and tourists. I also provide an online service and I can travel internationally for the right opportunities. I encourage clients to contact me for collaborations and co-creations.

About Me

I am: – An empathic, mischief making ,Clairsentient, earth loving, booty shaking, introverted, extroverted, witchy, sun worshipping, belly laughing, fun loving, daydreaming, adventure seeking, rebellious, curious natured, cosmic creatix, Projector, Piscesian, yogini, believer and visionary of the new paradigm.

Looking back I have always been highly sensitive; feeling others and my own emotions deeply, and being/feeling attuned to energy.  I do not ever remember questioning an existence before or after life,  I guess I always believed in something greater than ourselves.

Yoga came into my life in 2008 and I have not looked back, instantly resonating with the connection between the mind, body, spirit, and breath. In 2010, I travelled to Peru and during a shamanic ceremony I experienced a spiritual awakening. This opened me up psychically, and guided me onto a new path, one I have been following ever since.

In 2012, I qualified as a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner and Little Banyan Yoga was born, enabling me to share with others. Since then I have taken part in many holistic trainings.  When you choose me to work with you, you will share in the knowledge that has been bestowed upon me from teachers in India, Guatemala, Peru, and England.

My “work” has led me to a vast mixture of environments;  from London Yoga Studios to Plant Medicine Festivals in South America.  

I am passionate and  dedicated to the path of  self discovery, healing and expansion, and as I evolve; so do my offerings.   I am in awe, humbled and grateful for the path that has been chosen for me and honoured to assist those that choose to work with me.


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