Womb Healing & Menstrual Cycle Embodiment

I, like many women, unknowingly had a very disconnected and unhealthy relationship with my womb and menstrual cycle.  A history of heavy and painful periods.   I viewed my bleed as a burden and completely dreaded my monthly flow.  I started taking the contraceptive pill at a young age to “help” regulate my “symptoms”, which I later discovered contributed to a hormonal imbalance. In my 20’s, I became aware of the effects of the synthetic hormone pills I had been taking and stopped. 

I dipped in and out of focusing on my menstrual cycle and hormonal health; sometimes taking supplements and tracking my cycle, other times completely ignoring it and mustering through.  Then in 2018, after months of very painful, irregular and extremely heavy “bleeds” I was diagnosed with two polyps cysts, anaemia (as a result of the amount of blood I was losing) and a hard tumour wrapped around my ovary.  It was the size of an orange.  I visited three gynaecological specialists for opinions, and on each examination I saw the tumour in an ultrasound.

I was told the tumour would grow larger, that it was starving my ovary, that I ran the risk of it bursting at any time and ultimately it could be malignant.  I was advised to undergo key-hole surgery to remove the tumour as soon as possible.  After the initial fear and shock I made the decision to refuse the operation. I believed the tumour had come to me as a sign from my body that something needed to be addressed and healed on a deeper level.  I also sensed it’s manifestation and my decision to holistically heal it was a part of my life’s journey.  To practice, embody and integrate my beliefs.   And so I began diving into holistic healing, connecting to my womb and repairing that relationship.  It was a very profound and interesting time, much of which I can not begin to put into words.  However, delighted in 2019 I received the confirmation that my womb was physically healed,  with no tumour in sight!

There have been so many gifts from this experience!  Aside from improving the physical health of my womb and hormones, my relationship to myself, my cycle,  and my understanding and insight to the power of the most sacred part of me, it has been transformational!  The single most empowering process to date!

I wish to state that I know of women who have had the surgery that was recommended to me, and I fully respect and believe that that decision was theirs.  I do not advise others to ignore medical intervention or claim to heal you of anything. This story, was, and still is a very personal journey.  However, I have been asked so many times to share what “I did”, and I do believe I was given this experience for a reason. So fueled by my passion to aid other women “Power to the Portal” (Womb Healing and Menstrual Cycle Embodiment) has been birthed.

Power to the Portal Course (In-person/Online)

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A series dedicated to women; these workshops cover the physical, energetical, and emotional aspects of our menstruation, aimed to connect you to your womb and discover it’s holding; trauma, wisdom and power, allowing a beautiful journey of sacred connection within yourself, a new connection to all women, now, and, before us, a connection to the divine mother spirit and pachamama.

The practice of this descension into our wombs (our truth) I believe to be the missing part of awareness for women on a spiritual path, women that currently connect to their heart chakras and third eyes, but not their wombs.  This disconnect has left us with womb discomfort, infertility, hormonal imbalances, irregular menstrual cycles, a distorted image of who we are, a negative view of ourselves, a lack of creativity, pleasure and power,  amongst many other things.


💫Womb Yoga  









💫Cycle awareness,

💫Cycle tracking

💫Connection to Menstruation and the Moon

Womb Healing/Menstrual Cycle Embodiment (In-person/Online)

As a single session, after a discussion, I will create a bespoke session that can combine any of the above, including energy work and take-away practices for you to continue alone.

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