Pregnancy and Postnatal

Pregnancy Yoga (In-person/Online)

Prenatal/Pregnancy Yoga classes can be for mum’s to be wishing to keep up their Yoga practice or for complete beginners. These classes offer adaptations to traditional postures (asanas) and pranayamas (breathing techniques) suitable and aimed to support pregnancy and labour.  They consider the physical, hormonal and emotional changes in the prenatal woman, offer tools to aid labour, pelvic floor toning, optimal fetal position and meditations that create a nurturing environment and deep connection to the unborn baby.  Additionally  they relax the mother, whilst helping to prevent aches, pains and sleep loss in preparation for birth and motherhood.  Props are used to provide comfort in any trimester.

Postnatal Yoga (In-person/Online)

Postnatal Yoga Classes can be a perfect way for mothers to get back into, or start a Yoga practice, a chance to nurture and reconnect to the body after childbirth.  To focus on the pelvic floor and internal muscles, gently supporting recovery from pregnancy and birth before transitioning into more intense forms of exercise. Classes offer asanas (postures) to exercise the body whilst also creating a calming, relaxing environment.  Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation can be included.  The ultimate intention of the class is to create a space for new mothers to honour the changes in their lives and bodies and, support them in the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Birth Preparation (In-person/Online)

Through my Pregnancy Yoga Training and Teaching, I have found many methods of breathing and movement that can be very beneficial and may not be covered in general antenatal classes or hospitals and, therefore offer sessions for expecting Mama’s and their birth partners.  These sessions will demonstrate possible birthing positions (optimal fetal position and mother’s comfort), different pranayamas (breathing techniques) for labour, movements to aid moving a baby’s position, if required, and massages to ease contractions. The focus of these sessions is towards the birthing partner, to equip them with confidence and knowledge to assist, support, and gently guide the women through their birthing journey.

Womb Healing & Meditation (In-person/Online)

These sessions (see full description of Womb Healing and Meditation on other pages) can be a combination of both practices or offered separately,  created with the intention of specifically preparing your womb, connecting to your unborn baby and anything else that arises.  Continued at home self practices can be offered or several sessions for optimum benefit, although one session alone may be perfect at preparing you spiritually, mentally and emotionally for the journey of motherhood that lies ahead.

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