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I have been a Facilitator of Retreats, Workshops and Ceremonies since 2013.  In this time I have had the great pleasure of traveling around the globe working at retreats and festivals sharing on various topics and themes.  I love the creativity of merging many modaitilies together, carving out space and time dedicated to ritual, intention and themes. In recent years I have adapted these offerings to suit private 1-2-1 sessions and to offer them online. They provide a beautiful way to fuse together a mixture of “tools” to create an impacting experience, delve deeper, initiate a shift, provide a sense of wellbeing, reset and renewal or simply create a fun holistic day, a gift of pure selfcare.

On this page I offer ways of  working with me, ideas of themes, some examples of previous workshops, and lastly, workshops, events and retreats I have coming up.  Please join my mailing list to keep updated!

I offer bespoke tailor made packages for/of the following;

  • 1-2-1 (In-person/Online)
  • Groups (In-person/Online)
  • Create your own Retreat – full day/half day (In-person/Online)
  • Mobile to villas, homes or stunning outdoor locations in Ibiza
  • Book me for your festivals or retreats internationally
  • Hen/Bridal packages (In-person/Online)
  • Holistic Days (In-person/Online)
  • Pamper Packages (In-person)

Cacao (In-person/Online. 121 or group session)

Cacao has been used as ceremonial medicine in shamanic rituals by the Aztec, Mayans, and even their ancestors in Central and South America.  A sacred plant medicine referred to as “food of the gods”.  A powerful but gentle feminine, playful spirit, she is said to come out of the rainforest to create harmony on the planet between humans and mother earth. Her medicine works to open and activate the heart chakra, deepening the connection to ourselves, others and all of life.  Her energy supports self-realisation, clearing emotional blockages ,enhances spiritual awareness, and brings a warm blissful state.  She is a natural mood elevator and can also aid mental focus and increase physical energy.

Ceremonial grade cacao is chocolate at its purest, organic form.  Made from 100% cacao beans, without sugar,  and processed through traditional methods using minimal heat.  The cacao I use is purchased from sustainable sources and supports indieonous farmers.

My Cacao Ceremonies vary each time depending on intention and guidance, however they start with an honoring of her presence and connection to her medicine. We drink together.  The ceremony may include more outward movement; yoga, dance, chanting, gentle massage or include more introspective practices such as; meditation, self enquiry, journaling or energy work.  Ultimately inviting you into a held, safe and nurturing space to journey with her magic, with freedom to express, move or/and be still.

You should avoid alcohol, coffee and other stimulants on the day of the ceremony and try not to have a full stomach.  It is not advised for those who are taking antidepressants and please inform me if you suffer from migraines, are breastfeeding or pregnant as a lower dosage may be provided.

Mothers Blessing Ceremonies (In-person/Online. Group session)

The purpose of this Mothers Blessing gathering is to honor the soon-to-be mother: the sacred role of a mother, to show her our support in this journey, encourage and surround her with love whilst also calling in the new soul of her unborn baby. All of the day’s activities and rituals will be with this intention. This is not a baby shower and gifts are optional, however, please make the gifts for the mother rather than the baby (think pampering).  

These ceremonies are usually organised on behalf of the mum to be. I will have a call/zoom with the organiser to discuss ideas and run through a plan of the day/session (depending on length).

Workshop ideas (not limited to)

  • New/full moon
  • Sister circles
  • Group reiki healing
  • Letting go rituals
  • Intention setting/manifestation
  • Nurture and Nourish
  • Heart opening
  • Self love
  • Tapping into creativity
  • Harness your power
  • Speaking your truth

Examples of some previous workshops:

Chakra Balancing

You will be taken on a journey through the chakras using vinyasa flow yoga, dancing, sacred cacao, and meditation.

An afternoon of healing aided with color and sound, invoking self-discovery. Full of high vibrations assisting you in connecting to yourself, awakening your chakras, and opening your heart. Leaving you feeling energised and in perfect balance.

**Another form of Chakra Balancing can be in visualisation, meditation and energy work.

Goddess Empowerment

Goddesses, it is the time to rise!

Sisters let’s come together as we embrace our feminine energy, connect to our wombs tapping into our creative force, call on the power of our ancestors, deities, goddesses future, past, and present, dance the divine dance of shakti, live in our wildness, own our intuition, rise in our illuminating radiance, bask in the sisterhood and heal our cultural, individual and collective wounds.

Our mother earth and humanity need us – if we all fulfill our destinies we can create a world of light, compassion, and love!

You will be taken through Dancing, Yoga, Mantra, Pranayama, Mudra, and Meditation bringing us out of our heads and into our bodies, tuning into our emotions, connecting with our natural, wild, femininity and stepping fully into our power celebrating the goddesses that we are. 

An introductory workshop to Partner Yoga (not acro) and Thai Yoga Massage 

Partner Yoga takes various asanas (yoga poses) and includes two people to support each other in postures, to practice communication, trust, take poses deeper and for a more therapeutic experience.  We will then finish with some basic Thai Yoga Massage techniques.

Introduction to Chakras

This workshop gives you a simple introduction to each Chakras and includes:

  • Introduction to what Chakras are
  • Ways to bring awareness of your chakras and tools to balance them
  • Yoga
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Meditation

Ibiza Retreats

I am teaching Yoga and offering holistic treatments on retreats in Ibiza.

Please get in touch to find out more details.

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