Maderotherapy massage at Little Banyan Tree Ibiza for body toning


Maderotherapy originated in Eastern medicine, focusing on the muscular and energetical healing benefits. Its many aesthetical benefits were later discovered, adapted, and spread throughout Colombia.


Madera in Spanish means wood. Maderotherapy translates to Wood Therapy, referring to the specifically created wooden tools used in this massage technique.


Maderotherapy is a natural and non-invasive treatment to combat cellulite, sculpt, lift, and shape the body. The techniques used stimulate and encourage the body’s organic toxin removal process by breaking down fatty tissues and aiding lymphatic drainage. Although Maderotherapy is recognised for its aesthetic improvement of the skin’s tone, texture, structure, and contouring, its benefits are holistic and go far beyond the visual improvements. Treatments can increase blood circulation, reduce numbness, strengthen muscles, boost metabolism and the immune system, plus much more.

How does Maderotherapy work?

These Massages are floor based on a futon or mat with the client fully-clothed in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.  I work with my body and body weight in a rhythmic, meditative state throughout using fingers, thumbs, palms, elbows, feet, and knees.  Our bodies tell our own unique story, due to many factors.  I tune in intuitively with each massage to adapt focus, pace and movements accordingly.  Often I find a slower rhythm allows a more open response where deeper work physically, emotionally and energetically can be achieved.

It is advised not to eat a big meal before your massage

These massages are oil-based, and include the use of different-sized and shaped wooden tools and my hands.  


πŸ’« In 90mins I can offer a full body massage
πŸ’« Or a shorter session of 60mins focusing on targeted areas (i.e. legs and buttocks, or arms, back, and stomach).

 πŸ’«I also offer longer sessions (2-2.5 hours) for deep detoxification including
Chi Ni Tsang and Maderotherapy.


Vegan, organic, and eco-friendly products are used with high-quality urapan wood tools.

Maderotherapy massage at Little Banyan Tree Ibiza removing toxins
Maderotherapy massage at Little Banyan Tree Ibiza for healing

What are the benefits of Maderotherapy?

Maderotherapy can help with:

πŸ’« Lymphatic drainage

πŸ’« Body contouring and toning

πŸ’« Removing toxins

πŸ’« Lifting and shaping the buttocks

πŸ’« Eliminating localised adiposity (fat)

πŸ’« Blood circulation

πŸ’« Detoxing

πŸ’« Reducing numbness

πŸ’« Increase metabolism

πŸ’« Boosting immune system

πŸ’« Firming skin

πŸ’« Skin Elasticity

πŸ’« Restless leg syndrome

πŸ’« Pins and needles

πŸ’« Tissue oxygenation

πŸ’« Reducing weight

πŸ’« Muscle strengthening

πŸ’« Fat burning

πŸ’« Skin tone

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