Hi all,Welcome to Little Banyan Yoga’s (and my) very first newsletter eeeakk!  Don’t worry I will not be filling you inbox and bombarding you, the plan is to send these out monthly to keep you updated with what’s going on, special offers, tips and recommendations, so I hope you enjoy!  Today’s newsletter will include details of Little Banyan Yoga & Shiva Moon Therapies very exciting upcoming Chakra Balancing Eco Retreats, Special offers on Thai Yoga Massages, Reiki, LilyFlower Vintage, Amber Skye’s Wardrobe and Mona, as well as tips for self love including a meditation!

Happy Valentines Day! 

Today doesn’t have to be all about romantic love, but just a day to remind us of love, you know the thing that makes the world go round, as if we could forget : )

It can be romantic love of course, love of our family, friends, pets, love for the joys in our life, those life pleasures, love for life itself and most importantly self love!

Now if you hear someone say “…they love themselves” it is thought of as a negative, that that person is egotistical and thinks a lot of themselves, thinks they are better than others.  This is not what I’m talking about, I’m talking about real self love where you do not think you are better than others, but you appreciate you are just a good, just as worthy.  You think of yourself fondly, know your good and bad points but accept them as the whole of you.

The act of self love is a lot harder than it seems, after all who do we judge more, expect more from than ourselves? But that old saying “No one can love you if you don’t love yourself” is kinda true.  When you feel loved from someone, they really aren’t making you feel this, they are not in control of your emotions, their actions and words can tap you into your own emotions, your own love and activate that feeling.  Therefore only YOU can make yourself feel loved! YOU HAVE THAT POWER! If this be true, then surely you can feel love without that person also….we all have the power to feel loved and it comes from within our own being, from our own hearts.

Here are a few of my tips of self loving : –

Self Talk

That inner voice that you have telling you you can’t do this, your not good enough, your unorganised, you’ve messed up again.  Stop it! Praise yourself for your achievements, speak kindly to yourself.  Remember the power of your subconsciousness and the laws of attraction, they start with your inner voice!

You time

Every relationship in your life be it with a friend, partner or family member needs time to blossom, grow and stay connected, the relationship with yourself is no different.  Make time for yourself , treat yourself  doing something you enjoy or take time out to relax and reconnect with yourself this could be a walk in the park, meditation (I have included today’s morning meditation below), yoga class, treatment, reading a book, cooking, whatever it is that makes you happy.

Treat yourself as a friend

Don’t  be so hard on yourself, forgive yourself for mistakes.  We often beat ourselves up over things that we would easily forgive a friend.

Eat well

When you eat well you feel well simple!  When you “treat” yourself to lots of junk food is it really a treat to yourself and body in the long run?

Exciting upcoming  – Little Banyan Yoga & Shiva Moon Therapies 5 Day Chakra Balancing Eco Retreat in Portugal

5 day Charka balancing eco retreat in Portugal brought to you by Little Banyan Yoga & Shiva Moon Therapies 600 euros (roughly 471 pounds including food!), taking 200 euro deposits now!

5th-11th or 12th-18th July 2015

jo@littlebanyanyoga.com or sharklessparkles@googlemail.com

Jo Tison will be leading vinyasa yoga classes, exploring the energetic nature of the chakras through asana and pranayama, meditation and visualisation.  Sharkles Wallace will be teaching dynamic meditation, creative meditation and Chakra dancing.

‘We will take you on a beautiful, fun, healing journey though the chakras using yoga, movement, dance and meditation.  Expect a relaxed, safe environment within nature, to allow    space for you to embody this fluid, well rounded combination of classes that work dynamically together to aid balancing your chakras,increase your confidence, awaken creativity, give room for releasing and transformation as well as inner shifting of emotions and thought patterns.  Leaving you feeling centred, empowered, radiant, uplifted and peaceful. Jo will be leading vinyasa yoga classes, including yoga nidra and meditation, and Sharkles will be leading Chakra Dancing and meditations.”


Today’s Meditation

I started today with a very simple Heart Centred, Heart/Anahata Charka Meditation (I will cover charkas and meditation tips for beginners in newsletters to come, for now just try this one out).

Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted

Sit down ideally crossed legged on the floor with a straight spine and close your eyes

Begin to follow your breath, notice the inhale and the exhale

Take your awareness to the centre of your chest, your Heart/Anahata Chakra and visualise it there, a ball of energy spinning around in a clockwise direction, it’s green in colour

Perhaps take your hands to it, the centre of your chest  (I held a rose quartz crystal there, you may like to do so if you have one, it’s a crystal that can activate love)

With every breath see and feel your Heart Charka growing larger

Visualise and feel it getting brighter and brighter

Opening you up to love

Expanding with every breath

Bright radiating green

Allow the feeling of love to enter your being

You can do this for as long as you like, I like to do depending on time from 20-30 minutes.  It helps to connect me to and open my heart chakra, to align me on the frequency of love.  Let us all connect  to that frequency and collectively raise the vibration of our planet to one of love!

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Why wait for someone else to? Self love!

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I’m offer 121 Private mobile lessons (or in Clapham)  Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga and Meditation lessons (beginners welcome) or Reiki sessions.

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(Small intimate classes. Contact to enquire or book jo@littlebanyanyoga.com)

Please feel free to share, I will add a sign up function (when I figure out how : ) ) xxxx

Big love!!


A few of last years retreat pictues : )