Thai Yoga Massage in Clapham

Thai Yoga Massages are floor based on a futon or mat with the client fully clothed in comfortable, lose fitting clothes.  I work with my own body and body weight in a rhythmic, meditative state throughout the treatment, working energy lines and using fingers, thumps, palms, elbows, feet and knees to offer a deep healing, relaxing massage to balance and restore health.

Sessions of 60 minutes £50 or block of 4 £180

Sessions of 90 minutes £70 or block of 4 £250

Sessions of 120 minutes £85 or block of 4 £300

A Health Form must be completed before first lesson. Available here – Thai Yoga Massage Client Form Please print off, fill in and bring with you to your first session.

(At 64-100 face the orange building with your back towards the school and walk a few metres to your left you will see black gates with a large tree above them and a sign saying Wellbeing Centre on the gate, use the buzzer here)

“This was my first experience of Reiki and Thai yoga massage, the whole experience was amazing. I had the massage first, Jo had my body bending and bones clicking in such an enjoyable invigorating way. After the massage I was completely ready for Reiki my body felt relaxed, stretched and opened up. My Reiki experience followed, it was the most warm, peaceful experience, my body kept having what I can only describe as small vibrations that felt incredible, my body felt weightless and flowing, the rest of the week I felt great, I had lots of positive energy, my shoulders weren’t tense and had really good night’s sleep.

I would highly recommend these treatments, I also think they work really well together.

Jo is brilliant, she talked through everything that she was going to do which helped me to relax, I had told her about some issues which she gave me great advice on and the Thai Yoga really helped these.”

Sammy Brooks
“Feeling nurtured and invigorated after my Thai Yoga massage with Jo. She eases into areas of tension, whilst encouraging relaxation through her calming presence and the environment she creates. I highly recommend exploring treatments with her to nurture your mind and body”
Hannah MacDonald