Reiki is a fully clothed, non-touch treatment where universal energy is transmitted to the client using my hands. All practitioner work slightly different but I tend to use the main 9 Chakras (spinning vortexes of energy within us) and endocrines in the body and focus on those points to send energy to restore any unbalances. Balancing the Chakras aids and can heal every aspect of one’s life, on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Even without any obviously current issues everyone can benefit from Reiki energy healing as the more balanced we are the more energy will have and the better we feel.

Sessions are 45 – 60 minutes


A Health Form must be completed before first lesson. Available here – Reiki Client Form Please print off, fill in and bring with you to your first session.


“Reiki with Jo at Little Banyan Yoga was an extremely calming yet energising experience. Jo makes you feel completely relaxed and at ease before, during and after the treatment. Whilst Jo was performing Reiki on me, I could really feel the energy moving around my body – she focused on certain areas that needed extra attention, explained where energy was trapped and gave me a full overview of what I needed to personally focus on. Jo is an excellent Reiki master, definitely worth a visit to Little Banyan Yoga”
“Having been a bit of a sceptic as regards reiki, I decided to give it a try with an open mind. I found myself drifting (unusually) into a very deep state of relaxation and when I finished the session, was surprisingly extremely relaxed as if something and removed any worries I had previously. This continued for the rest of the day. Really really interesting and I think something worked on a deep level. Thanks Jo! – Great work however it works”
enter Celine Xerri-Brook
“I had a very positive experience at Little Banyan Yoga. The environment was very friendly and welcoming, and I found the treatment that I had (Reiki) to be very beneficial. I will definitely be booking another session!!! Thanks Jo x.”
“This was my first experience of Reiki, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Jo, the Reiki healer, was very professional, made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions before we started. I found it to be very peaceful and got a lot from the session, both immediately after, and since. I would definitely recommend Little Banyan Yoga, and have done to friends and family since my experience.”
Sammy Brooks
“Amazing reiki session, I was 8 months pregnant at the time with twins and after reiki with Jo I was so much more relaxed. It levelled me out and I felt energised and relaxed at the same time, I would highly recommend it!”
“This was my first experience of Reiki and Thai yoga massage, the whole experience was amazing. I had the massage first, Jo had my body bending and bones clicking in such an enjoyable invigorating way. After the massage I was completely ready for Reiki my body felt relaxed, stretched and opened up. My Reiki experience followed, it was the most warm, peaceful experience, my body kept having what I can only describe as small vibrations that felt incredible, my body felt weightless and flowing, the rest of the week I felt great, I had lots of positive energy, my shoulders weren’t tense and had really good night’s sleep.

I would highly recommend these treatments, I also think they work really well together.

Jo is brilliant, she talked through everything that she was going to do which helped me to relax, I had told her about some issues which she gave me great advice on and the Thai Yoga really helped these.”

“I was immediately put at ease by Jo who gave me Reiki at Little Banyan Yoga. I was 8 months pregnant and she catered to my needs, and my insomnia improved dramatically following the session. Will be going back as soon as the new-born allows! Thanks Jo.”
Hannah Murray
“Thank you so much for my reiki last night. I always feel refreshed and revitalised for days after. I’m looking forward to another session ☺ x”
Jenny Speedy