Mothers Day

Hi All,

Hope your having a great March so far, in London the sun has come out and I’m really feeling like this year is finally starting. I just love waking before my alarm in the morning, naturally waking is so much better for you puts me in a good mood : )

So it’s Mothers Day today!

That one day a year we should focus our attentions, shower with gifts and basically appreciate our mothers : ) Personally I think mine deserves more than a day and I shouldn’t need the annual reminder! Thanks mum for all you’ve done and continue to do!

Recently friends of mine started having children and I watched in owe as they seem to become superwomen over night, transformed and showing whole new dimensions of themselves, they are still my friends but something has shifted, none of them had been what I would call wall flowers before but it’s like now there is this powerfulness about them, this strength and confidence. Giving it some thought I can only put it down to their new roles as a mother. I’ve begun to view them in the eyes of their child/children, to them my friends, their mothers are their whole world; they are the foundation of their their lives, the feeder, the nurturer and the teacher. I have also noticed this change in my students at Pregnancy Yoga and then in Postnatal. Though I can see motherhood at times can be a difficult and tiring role it also seems to be an empowering one, as it should be! Just think about the importance of this role in our society and to our evolution as humans, the impact of the role of a mother, raising the next generation of more conscious beings! I say a role for want of a better word, it’s not really is it, that makes it sound like a job and motherhood unlike any other job is 24 hours a day, that consistent unconditional love.

These “mothers” I talk about do not have to be limited to biological, perhaps you were raised by someone other than your mother, you may have been raised by your father or someone with no parental connection to you. The qualities of a mother are what count. All of us , both male and female have masculine and feminine energy within us and the aspect of the mother is feminine energy also known as Shakti or Yin energy. It’s associated with creation, feeling, kindness, intuition, power, compassion, nurturing, nature and empathy.

On this day for mothers I would like to also be thankful to our ultimate mother, mother earth she is the biggest example of these aspects, giving us everything we need to survive. I am eternally grateful for all she gives me unconditionally!

Mothers Day Special

Treat yourself and/or your mother to a place on retreat (deposit paid in March) and get a free treatment (Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki or Holistic Massage)

5 day Chakra balancing (Yoga and Chakra Dancing) eco retreat in Portugal brought to you by Little Banyan Yoga & Shiva Moon Therapies £470! Pay £160 deposit now to reserve your space.

5th-11th or 12th-18th July 2015 or

Jo Tison will be leading vinyasa yoga classes, exploring the energetic nature of the chakras through asana and pranayama, meditation and visualisation. Sharkles Wallace will be teaching dynamic meditation, creative meditation and Chakra dancing.

‘We will take you on a beautiful, fun, healing journey though the chakras using yoga, movement, dance and meditation. Expect a relaxed, safe environment within nature, to allow space for you to embody this fluid, well rounded combination of classes that work dynamically together to aid balancing your chakras, increase your confidence, awaken creativity, give room for releasing and transformation as well as inner shifting of emotions and thought patterns. Leaving you feeling centred, empowered, radiant, uplifted and peaceful. Jo will be leading vinyasa yoga classes, including yoga nidra and meditation, and Sharkles will be leading Chakra Dancing and meditations.’

Our Retreat Features –

• Five days of Vinyasa Flow and Meditations
• Five days of Charka Dancing and Creative Meditation
• Pranayama
• Meditation (Active/Yogic/Guided)
• Yoga Nidra
• Three yummy wholesome vegetarian meals per day (80% Vegan 30-40% raw, vegetables used from own organic garden or sourced locally. Dietary requirements catered for)
• Beautiful yurt accommodation
• Swimming in the local reservoir (a walk away) and rivers
• Massage and treatments
• A truly sustainable and responsible holiday option
• Local walks in the heart of traditional Portugal
• Bonfire and local wine on the final evening of each week
• Goodie bag to take home


Accommodation is in comfortable yurts which are a magical and peaceful space to be in and sleep in.

As we are living sustainably, our bathrooms have solar heated hot water and eco-composting toilets. All beds have mosquito nets. All yurts have some shelving and storage areas.

Bedding and bath towels provided. (We recommend you bring your own towels for swimming.)

Almost all of the furniture in the yurts, and the yurt structures have been hand made using wood from the land on retreat.
Yoga as we know it is the West (the asanas) are a series of postures, or asanas that are designed to create awareness to the body, stillness to the mind, to purify the body in preparation for meditation. Yoga means union, a union with the mind, spirit and body and also with the breath.

Vinyasa Flow is a series of postures (asanas) that move with the breath (prana) to produce a “flow” from one posture to the next, stretching out the body whilst quieting the mind. Classes encourage balance, flexibility, strength, relaxation and mental clarity. This is a mixed-ability class where beginners are welcome.

Chakra Dancing is free form, spontaneous dance. A workout for the mind, body and soul led by a trained chakra dancing teacher to music composed especially for the purpose.

A dance of self discovery and healing which allows you to connect to your inner self, your emotions and your body. Chakra dancing is a great way to release and let go of any unexpressed emotions or blocked energy but best of all to have fun whilst doing so!

Stimulating the natural flow of energy, or chi, through the chakras, the dance leads to physical and mental well-being. Using an eclectic mix of global influences from tribal dancing to Tai Chi, yoga and slow motion body work it gently guides you through the chakras, leaving the body re-energised and in perfect balance.

Beautiful Yogini and Friend’s class starting in Sidcup

Friday’s 19.30

Flow Yoga
Amor Yoga Studio
9-11 High Street
DA14 6En

Special offer of first class £5, usual drop in £10

Nutritious and delicious raw pop up restaurant, get your tickets before they sell out!
Innovative and creative gourmet raw food cuisine.

Moody Mango hosts their second “pop up” dining experience at the Black Cat Cafe, Clapton on 31st March. Come and indulge in some highly vibrational, delicious and medicinal food. The dinner will be three course followed by an energy elixir. Everything is raw vegan and gluten free with locally sourced ingredients.

The menu is designed and prepared by raw food chef Francesca Paz and Nutritional Therapist Jenny Creedon

Experience a true heaven of wellness, conscious living and connection.

Menu will be announced soon.

Tickets bought here:

The cost is £25 (plus £1.28 booking fee), tickets can only be bought online.
Relax and unwind with a detoxing both

I’ve never been much of a bath person but I got into them this winter, and currently loving these ingredients for a great one;

A handful of Epsom Salt (great for detoxing)
A handful of Baking Soda (also detoxing)
A few drops of essential oils (depending what I want, grapefruit to awaken me, peppermint and tea tree if I have a cold or lavender to relax)
Peia’s album “The Dance of Devotion”


Until next month,