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Mothers Day

Hi All,

Hope your having a great March so far, in London the sun has come out and I’m really feeling like this year is finally starting. I just love waking before my alarm in the morning, naturally waking is so much better for you puts me in a good mood : )

So it’s Mothers Day today!

That one day a year we should focus our attentions, shower with gifts and basically appreciate our mothers : ) Personally I think mine deserves more than a day and I shouldn’t need the annual reminder! Thanks mum for all you’ve done and continue to do!

Recently friends of mine started having children and I watched in owe as they seem to become superwomen over night, transformed and showing whole new dimensions of themselves, they are still my friends but something has shifted, none of them had been what I would call wall flowers before but it’s like now there is this powerfulness about them, this strength and confidence. Giving it some thought I can only put it down to their new roles as a mother. I’ve begun to view them in the eyes of their child/children, to them my friends, their mothers are their whole world; they are the foundation of their their lives, the feeder, the nurturer and the teacher. I have also noticed this change in my students at Pregnancy Yoga and then in Postnatal. Though I can see motherhood at times can be a difficult and tiring role it also seems to be an empowering one, as it should be! Just think about the importance of this role in our society and to our evolution as humans, the impact of the role of a mother, raising […]



Hi all,Welcome to Little Banyan Yoga’s (and my) very first newsletter eeeakk!  Don’t worry I will not be filling you inbox and bombarding you, the plan is to send these out monthly to keep you updated with what’s going on, special offers, tips and recommendations, so I hope you enjoy!  Today’s newsletter will include details of Little Banyan Yoga & Shiva Moon Therapies very exciting upcoming Chakra Balancing Eco Retreats, Special offers on Thai Yoga Massages, Reiki, LilyFlower Vintage, Amber Skye’s Wardrobe and Mona, as well as tips for self love including a meditation!

Happy Valentines Day! 

Today doesn’t have to be all about romantic love, but just a day to remind us of love, you know the thing that makes the world go round, as if we could forget : )

It can be romantic love of course, love of our family, friends, pets, love for the joys in our life, those life pleasures, love for life itself and most importantly self love!

Now if you hear someone say “…they love themselves” it is thought of as a negative, that that person is egotistical and thinks a lot of themselves, thinks they are better than others.  This is not what I’m talking about, I’m talking about real self love where you do not think you are better than others, but you appreciate you are just a good, just as worthy.  You think of yourself fondly, know your good and bad points but accept them as the whole of you.

The act of self love is a lot harder than it seems, after all who do we judge more, expect more from than ourselves? But that old saying “No one can love you if you don’t love yourself” is […]